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Welcome to Venezuela: An adventure traveler’s Paradise

Here at Fanny Tours we will organize for you the best exotic adventure vacation throughout the beauty of our country. Venezuela offers a wide diversity of ecosystems and culture: mountains, jungles, rivers, lowlands, beaches, waterfalls, deserts and native villages - all that in just one country.

All this brought to you by Jose and Patrizia Albarran-Rossi. Jose is from Venezuela and Patrizia is from Switzerland. Fanny Tours is located in Merida, a small city in the middle of the venezuelan Andes. Merida is probably one of the most popular destinations among foreign backpackers in the country. Our travel agency offers you the combination of a warm Venezuelan welcome with the best Swiss organization and punctuality. We offer adventure travel packages for individuals, groups, and families of all ages, abilities and interests. Our tours range from climbing Pico Bolivar (the highest peak in Venezuela) to the wildlife safari and birdwatching in Los Llanos. Listed among our adventures you will find the Paragliding (tandem flight or course), the discovery of remote mountain villages (by jeep, mountain bike or horseback riding), canyoning, white water rafting and a visit to Angel Falls (the world’s highest waterfall).

Fanny tours : adventures in Venezuela - Merida - Tours Venezuela - Tour ande - guided tours venezuelaIf you want to find out more about us and our adventure tours and packages, just contact us by telephone, e-mail or by checking out the tour page in this site. If you don’t speak Spanish don’t worry, Patrizia will be happy to answer your calls or e-mails in Spanish, English, German, French or Italian.

Fanny Tours (VT 2453) was founded in 1999. Patrizia Rossi and José Albarran are running the travel agency as owner and managers.

Patrizia Rossi
Patrizia was born in the Italian part of Switzerland, Lugano, in June 1969. Her love and interest for nature, plants and animals convinced her to study Biology at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich (ETH-Zürich). She successfully finished her studies with a master in Biology in April 1994.

Along with 2 girlfriends she decided to leave Switzerland for an adventure trip of three months to the northern part of South America. Once in Merida she went paragliding and met Jose her instructor (now her husband). After working and traveling for one more year(including an English course in New Zealand to perfect her English), she decided to move to Venezuela with Jose where she started to work in a tour agency as office manager organizing adventure and ecological tours. After 9 years of experience she became the expert in town for all the best you could ask to have for adventure in Merida. Due to her origin she speaks Italian, Spanish, English, French and German. She is now mother of a nice boy, Samuel born in March 1999.

José Albarrán
Jose was born in La Azulita, Merida State, Venezuela in July 1963. At the age of 11 he discovered his love for the mountains and so much so that he convinced a group of excursionist friends to let him join their expedition to Pico Bolivar (5007 mts). This was just the first climbing experience of hundreds in the following years.

Fanny tours : adventures in Venezuela - Merida - Tours Venezuela - Tour ande - guided tours venezuelaHe became one of the best mountain climbers in Merida during the 80’s. His love for the mountains led him to participate in different expeditions to the Colombian and Ecuadorian Andes. In Ecuador he worked for 3 years (1987-1989) as a mountain guide thus giving him his first experience with international tourism. He climbed Cotopaxi and Chimborazo more than 100 times. He also traveled for a few months in 1989-90 through Canada and the USA to work and climb and that gave him the opportunity to learn some English. After these few years of nomadic travels he decided to go back to Merida, where he started to work as a professional mountain guide, leading people from all over the world to the top of our highest peaks, Pico Humboldt and Pico Bolivar, and all around our mountains. Along with his friends Manolo and Alejandro, in 1991 he discovered the paragliding adventure. They were actually the pioneers of paragliding in the Venezuelan Andes, and they founded the first paragliding school in Merida. Jose is at the moment the most experienced paragliding pilot and instructor in Merida. His hobbies are hang gliding and mountain biking.

Enriched by all these years of experience in the organization of adventure tours, Patrizia and Jose decided to start their own business, with the desire of offering you all the best of Merida and Venezuela and excelling in our service. We work in direct cooperation with the mountain guide association of Merida (AMGM) and the local paragliding association (AMVA).




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